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Invisalign Teen boosts confidence

A smile is one of the first things people notice in any social situation, and crooked or misaligned teeth can generate self-consciousness, especially in teenager and young adults. In the past, orthodontists were forced to rely upon metal appliances that often led to even more awkwardness in social situations during treatment. Thankfully, we now have Invisalign Teen, which can boost confidence in every situation.

When teeth are crooked it can be hard to brush and floss properly. This can lead to food and plaque being stuck between the teeth. Over time, this problem can lead to decay and gum disease, which severely compromise a teenager’s smile. It can also lead to teenager’s hiding their smiles and cause self-confidence to plummet.


For this reason, it is important to understand that Invisalign Teen does not only correct the appearance of your child’s smile but also boosts their self confidence.

Improving a teenager’s smile is an intricate process that requires the selection of the right type of treatment from a real Specialist Orthodontist.


While it is common to focus merely on the outward appearance of your child’s smile, it is important to remember that this is one feature that greatly affects how your child feels about themselves.


If you are ready to explore the benefits that Invisalign Teen  can have for you or your child’s self-confidence, then fill in our Fix My Smile contact form today.

Self esteem

In the past, taunts of “metal mouth” were common on playgrounds due to the obvious wires and brackets used for traditional braces. This often led to children dreading the prospect of having orthodontic treatment, and those who did get treatment would hide their smiles behind their hands. It’s important to recognise the sensitivity of children who are still developing their self-esteem.

Fortunately, children and parents now have another option. With Invisalign Teen your child can have almost invisible treatment.

No unsightly metal in the mouth, no problems with diet, no issues with cleaning, and no restrictions with playing sports. 


Public speaking is one social situation with which even adults tend to struggle, and everyone can remember being in school where standing in front of the class was excruciatingly awkward. A misaligned smile can add to the discomfort of children. For example, a teenager who is uncomfortable with their smile may be afraid to join in conversations or speak up in class. Once their smile is corrected, however, teens tend to leap at the opportunity to flash their straightened grin, and parents frequently notice an increase in their kid’s academic achievements and willingness to take part in important social activities at school.


Metal appliances often required a child to manoeuvre around wires and braces to complete their nightly oral hygiene routine, and many children would balk at the extra effort required. In many instances, this lead to arguments that do not foster an environment conducive to building self-esteem.

Invisible aligners, however, make it easier for teens to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and families have discovered that visiting the orthodontist is no longer a dreaded chore. Instead, these visits are a great opportunity for increasing your child’s confidence.

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