Everything you need to Know about Invisalign

Invisalign 101

Everything you need to Know about Invisalign

How often do you wear Invisalign aligners?

1) You’ll need to keep your aligners in all of the time.

You’ll be expected to wear your Invisalign aligners pretty much around the clock. The only exceptions being when you’re eating foods, drinking beverages, smoking or cleaning your teeth and aligners.

How many hours each day, minimum?

For most people, around the clock wear should translate to somewhere between 20 to 22 hours per day, with your dentist no doubt leaning toward the latter number.

You can remove your aligners for special occasions.

You can take your aligners out for special events. This might include activities where you’ll be speaking in a public setting. Or times when you’ll have close social interactions with people and it would be embarrassing for you to have your aligners detected.

Your treatment can’t progress unless your aligners are worn. So if you don’t wear them as directed, your treatment may take longer than planned.

Whatever treatment advances you’ve made will tend to relapse when your aligners are out. So, rather than just not move forward with your treatment, you may actually lose ground.

How long do you wear each set of aligners?

In most cases, Invisalign aligners are worn for about two weeks, in some cases more.

How often are check-ups?

Since they’ll need to monitor your progress to make sure that everything is going as planned, Your Smile Specialist will schedule you for check up appointments every four to six weeks.

At each checkup, Your Smile Specialist will send extra sets of aligners home with you.

Based on the standard intervals given above, at each appointment, Your Smile Specialist will need to give you at least one or two additional sets of aligners to take home. They’ll also need to give you specific instructions about when to start wearing them.

What takes place during checkup appointments?

In most cases, you can expect that each checkup appointment will be fairly short. It may just involve Your Smile Specialist looking at your teeth and making notes. However, at times it may also need to include some type of minor dental procedure.

If your case involves the use of Invisalign “attachments,” they may need to be added or removed. (These devices assist the aligners in making tooth movements.)

Your Smile Specialist may need to “strip” your teeth. (Create space between them by narrowing each one just slightly.)

How many sets of aligners will you end up wearing?

The exact number of aligners required will vary with each person’s case. This number is, however, something that’s determined when the patient’s treatment is initially planned (the treatment-simulation stage).

So, if you’re interested, just ask Your Smile Specialist. They’ll know precisely how many sets will be involved.

How many are usually worn?

On average, the typical Invisalign case might require between twenty and thirty sets of aligners.

At the extremes, the actual number might be as few as ten or up toward fifty.

How long does treatment take?

For the most part, an Invisalign case will generally take about the same amount of time as when conventional braces (brackets and wires) are used. Some published reports suggest that the time needed may be less. You’ll simply have to ask Your Smile Specialist what their experience has been with cases like yours.

You’ll need to wear retainers after your Invisalign treatment is finished.

Essix appliances are the most frequently used removable retainers.


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