Early treatment for kids

invisalign-teen irelandThe Orthodontic Society of Ireland recommends children have an orthodontic consultation at around age seven. This allows Your Smile Specialist to identify any potential orthodontic problems that may affect your child in their teenage and adult years and recommend steps to mitigate them. Early intervention helps us to avoid more invasive treatment at a later age and can tackle overcrowding, severe overbites, damaging habits (thumb or finger sucking) and problems related to narrow jaws.

Phase one and two treatment

Phase one of treatment lasts approximately six to fifteen months. Corrections made at this stage are kept in place with fixed space maintainers and removable retainers. Patients are then monitored to ensure that the jaw and teeth are developing as planned.

Phase two, or comprehensive treatment, is started once all the permanent teeth are in place. Phase two can be via traditional braces or Invisalign Teen.

Effective treatment program

Although the two-phase treatment may seem more invasive, it is a much more effective way to treat orthodontic problems. Your Smile Specialist can treat airway problems, eliminate the need for extractions of permanent teeth and potential jaw surgery.

FAQs about early orthodontic treatment.

When is the best time to consider a two-phase treatment plan?

Phase one treatment usually starts while the child has most of his/her baby teeth and a few of his/her permanent teeth. This is normally at around age seven.

Phase two treatment usually occurs at around the age of 12. The goal of Phase two treatment is to achieve an ideal bite and lovely smile.

What are expanders?

These are used to widen your child’s jaw, thus allowing enough room for his or her teeth to straighten. An expander is a removable appliance, we’ll show you how to use it at your child’s fitting appointment.

What is Full or Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment?

This is another name for orthodontic treatment. It can be carried out with traditional braces or Invisalign.

Does everyone need a Phase one treatment?

No. It’s only needed in a few cases. In most cases, treatment around age 12 is appropriate. Your Smile Specialist will advise you.
Can I delay Phase one treatment until my child is older?

This is not recommended. Delay might result in more invasion treatment and costs at a later age.

What is extraction or non-extraction treatment?

Extraction therapy is a technique where some teeth are removed to make room for the other teeth in your child’s mouth.

Non-extraction therapy involves expanding a patient’s jaw or shaving down some teeth to make everything fit.

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